On our first day of school, Monday August 21, Norma Holland from WOKR Channel 13 and FOX Rochester Channel 7 cable and Channel 31 digital will be broadcasting live from Exploration! 


6:00 - 7:00 am WOKR Channel 13

7:00 - 9:00 am FOX Rochester Channel 7 cable, Channel 13 digital


Be sure and tune in!



School Leader, Lisa Clark talks with Chamber of Commerce on Exploration's new member profile. Please a few minutes to review.

Science in Rochester: "It's our Legacy" - now starting in  Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

June 2017


School Director, Jona Wright; STEM Curriculum Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Clark, and Trustee, Dr. Algernon Kelley talk with Norma Holland on Many Voices, Many Visions about Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology. (We are on at 12:45).

Rochester's New STEM Elementary School

April 2017


Watch us with Rebecca LeClair on Rochester In Focus talk about how we'll engage and grow your child's natural curiosity! 

Rochester's First STEM Elementary School

February 2016


Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology is Rochester’s first science-focused elementary school and the first charter school to open in the city in two years. The school will enroll a diverse body of 175 kindergarten and first graders from the Rochester City School District and serve 475 kindergarten through sixth grade students by 2020.  Students will participate in as many as 150 minutes per day of lab-based learning and engage in “hands-on, minds-on learning” at Rochester Museum and Science Center, a collaborator in Exploration’s development. More...

Rochester Wants More Charter Schools- We are Pleased to Join the Landscape

February 1, 2016


According to the latest Unite Rochester poll, 71 percent of county residents would like to see charter schools expand to serve more children. More...



Exploration Approved to Open

November 18, 2016


The New York State Board of Regents Tuesday gave final approval for Exploration Elementary Charter School of Science and Technology to open in Rochester in 2016, making it the first new charter to open in two years.  


The school will begin with kindergarten and first grade and eventually expand to K-5, according to its letter of intent. Teachers will emphasize scientific inquiry in class and students will get a large dose of instruction on technology, engineering and computers, among other things. More...

Charter Growth Continues in Rochester

September 30, 2015


"We're not trying to make little scientists out of them," says Kevin Williams, a spokesperson for Exploration Elementary.


"We believe that scientific inquiry can to lead to all kinds of things. It opens the mind."

Williams says that cultivating an early interest in science is critical.


"People understand that trying to start a school like this later for students without any experience in science and technology is hard," Williams says. "We believe there is a natural curiosity in students at a young age." More...