Skills for The  21st Century World

Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology engages learners, their families, and the community in the processes of scientific inquiry and the use of innovative technology to develop the social, emotional, and academic tools necessary to thrive in school and in today’s global world.​


Students will participate in daily lab-based learning and engage in “hands-on, minds-on learning." Exploration uses community resources to enhance education for students. Community spaces like public parks, natural sites, centers of innovation, and hospitals will foster learning about nature, technology, the environment, and the human body.

Our Students

Each Exploration student will bring unique qualities and skills to the table. Even in early grades, our students will be problem solvers, proficient with innovative technology and using it to build relationships in the global world.


Through project-based work, our students will be effective communicators, and collaborators; they will be comfortable contributing their thoughts, strategies, and strengths to a team.

Key Design Elements
  • Exceptional Academics – National Science & Academic Standards

  • “Hands-on and Minds-on” daily lab-based learning

  • Differentiated Instruction which celebrates & embraces diverse learners

  • Extended school day & year

  • Community connections & partnerships

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